Volunteer duties, especially Personal Shoppers, can vary depending on the number of high school students have signed up. It is important for volunteers to be flexible, patient and sometimes creative when working with high school students. There will always be an on-site manager to assist with any challenging situations.

We are happy to have volunteers of any age. We ask that volunteers 12 and under volunteer with an adult.

Ruby Room volunteers are responsible for protecting the privacy of Ruby Room clients. Privacy includes but not limited to; securing students a private dressing room so they can try on dresses comfortably, information about students is not to be given to anyone, including new agencies without specific written consent from the student and The Ruby Room, no photos are to be taken of the students without a signed release from their guardian.

Dress Code:
The Ruby Room strives to create a boutique atmosphere; therefore Boutique Volunteers are to dress professionally in all black. Personal Belongings: Volunteers are responsible at all times for their own personal belongings. We encourage you NOT to bring handbags or other personal items to the boutique. We do not have a secure cabinet to lock up personal items. The Ruby Room is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Street parking is available on both Elliott and Western. Please be sure to obey the parking signs.

The volunteer relationship may be terminated in the case of non-compliance with the volunteer policy; or for behavior that is angry, threatening, or disrespectful to other volunteers, staff or students.


Click the button above to sign up for Homecoming Boutique personal shopper shifts!

We are currently looking for outgoing individuals to fill the following positions:

  • Personal Shopper
  • Auction Procurement
  • Retail merchandising
  • Retail lighting designer

A special story from a volunteer personal shopper:

"Last year, a Senior from Ballard High School, came to the Ruby Room boutique with her mom. We sat down with both of them to discuss what they were looking for in a dress.

Without hesitating, the high-schooler said she wanted to look like Cinderella.

After a brief search, we found the perfect floor-length purple dress. Full of anticipation, her mom and I waited for her to reappear.

A couple minutes later, we heard a screeching sound from the dressing room and figured the dress didn't fit. As we walked back to the dressing room — we saw just how wrong we were.

The dress fit perfectly. And the girl, stunned by how beautiful she looked, couldn't stop smiling while saying, 'I look like a princess.'

We went on to outfit her with a necklace, earrings, bracelet, shawl, shoes and a purse. All free of charge. Her Senior Prom was the first formal dance she'd attended."