and Executive Director


ellen young
executive director

Ellen’s background in small business management coupled with an extensive 15-year career in fashion led her to developing a nonprofit utilizing fashion to benefit foster youth.  Ellen’s entrepreneurial spirit drives the organization to success.  Ellen’s passion to serve other youth came as a child; she grew up in a large extended family with three aunts who modeled selfless love as foster parents opening their homes to children in need. This is a way of life in Ellen’s family. With industry experience and exposure to foster youth since a child herself, she possess a unique awareness to the immediate needs of foster children. With her passion to serve others and of course fashion, taking over the Ruby Room was the perfect fit.


janice jimenez
board president
director of marketing

Janice is the creative solution to a nonprofit’s marketing challenges; she is also a master of organizational skills that serve the F-factor well as the President on the Board of Directors.  Janice has served with the F-factor and Ruby Room since January 2016 and her contributions are astounding, as well as her ability to elevate the operations of the organization.  Janice’s roots are from California where she graduated from California State University-Fullerton. Having a best friend adopt a pair of siblings through the foster system, Janice’s heart strings tugged when hearing about F-factor’s mission and then again when the opportunity to expand their mission with the Ruby Room. 


Jaime Larson
Director of Programs

Growing up in Northern Idaho with a family in the retail business Jaime always had a love of clothing.  After graduating from the University of Washington, Jaime went to work in the corporate offices of Nordstrom, where she has been for the last decade.  When looking for a way to give back to the community she came upon an article about the Ruby Room and decided to sign up and help for one weekend.   After assisting her first client she knew this was the perfect place to be and three years on she is still volunteering for prom season and loving it.  Jaime is excited and honored to bring her wealth of retail knowledge and customer service to the Ruby Room.


Katie Artz
Director of Community Outreach

Katie is a dedicated member of the community when she isn’t directing backstage at the ION Fashion Event she remains active in multiple organizations serving her community. Katie has a professional background in the fashion industry and can testify to the power of clothing and how it can shape an individual’s self-worth. Katie believes in giving back to her community and to help influence younger generations to be strong and confident. Katie’s role with Ruby Room and F-factor is to foster relationships with organizations and individuals in our community to further our mission and impact as many youth possible.


Kristen hendrickson
Director of Events

Kristen’s involvement at Ruby Room and F-factor is the role of Director of Events. It became a natural fit; she has been a fashion lover since she learned to walk, discovered a love of large-scale events after planning her own wedding, and has a passion for improving the lives of underserved populations – especially women, and children in the foster care system. Taking a lead as Director of Events is an integral part of the organization’s success in funding and community engagement where Kristen is most confident. Kristen holds a B.S. in Business Administration and since has become an active member on multiple boards serving the Puget Sound area. She lives in Madison Valley, Seattle, with her husband and French Bulldog. She is honored to bring her expertise and passion to F-factor.


Ann Mary Myers

Growing up Ann Mary felt passionate about studying fashion and design but as she found her excellence in mathematics this led her to a rewarding career in engineering. Currently Ann Mary works at Paccar and is completing her MBA at the University of Washington. Ann Mary is passionate about advocating for changes in workplace, community, and the world with a strong vision to help those she works with achieve their goals.